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Working with folders

The following is a list of the available operations on folders available :

  • Open Opens the selected folder to display its content.
  • Edit Opens the folder editor, for you to change folder properties.
  • Delete Deletes the folder and its contents.
  • Refresh Refreshes the page.
  • Access Allows you to grant or deny folder operations to specific roles.
  • Convert Converts all contents inside a folder.

Folder operations are also exposed via the D1 REST API.


For more information about the available endpoints and how to reach them, see REST API.

To view folders created by you

  1. Open a repository in the D1 Explorer.
  2. Click the Owned by me tab and then review Folder section.

D1 Explorer > Folder — Locating and modifying folders

If you need to access root folders, they are listed under Folder > Root Folders. When you double-click a folder, a query is performed and all contents that have this folder as a parent are displayed.

To check the content relations

By default, your files and folders and displayed in the Grid view. You can use the List view to to get a clear view of the parent-child relations between different contents and folders in your repository.

The following image shows how to display content in the List view.

Viewing content relations in your D1 repository


You can also query the children and other properties of a parent topic or folder by using the D1 REST API. For more information, see Querying for specific properties.