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D1 Repository Explorer overview

D1 provides functionality for managing files, folders, and contents. The UI interface which provides this functionality is called Repository Explorer.

To open the D1 Repository Explorer

You can open the Repository Explorer in one of the following ways:

  • Click Explore on the landing page under the target repository:

    Opening the D1 Explorer

  • Go to D1 Administrator, and select the Repositories tab. Select a repository from the repositories list, and then select Explore from the Actions menu.

The Repository Explorer opens:

D1 Explorer landing page

The main entry points are:

  • Owned by Me Lists all content owned by the active user.
  • My Check-Outs (only in the side panel) Lists contents checked out by the active user.
  • Recent Lists recently updated contents.
  • Browse Lists all contents of the repository (to which the user has access).
  • Search Opens the Basic Search form.
  • Recycle Bin Lists deleted contents.
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