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Version: 2.8


In this section, you need to enter the credentials of the admin user.

As with the keystore, you need to encrypt the admin password. To do so, open the unzipped package, then open the terminal and run ./ --value mypassword. You should get the encrypted password as a response:


Copy this response (not the one above but the one you get) and paste it into the `password:` property. The file should then look as follows:

# ** Admin User **
# Configures the credentials for the default admin user.
# If the user doesn't exist yet, it will be created and the password will be set as specified here.
# If the user already exists, nothing will be done, i.e. its password will NOT be changed!
ADMIN_USER: !com.braintribe.model.user.User
# Admin user name
name: 'admin'
# Admin user password. Replace "[ENCRYPTED_PASSWORD]" with the encrypted password, e.g. '${decrypt("HMuN/VXo5+L0vVQzuJe7bAOiBmeKzWluP+POb7zjkcLCnzgawUfWmZAIu9eIOfVAzEQn6Q==")}'.
password: '${decrypt("VTGEjDxNV17nHqxj/aXrLwAKmksFgUWIht5JZdPIZb5r3yeODUE0v+hz72y4TDD7eZfP9Q==")}'