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Document.One glossary

This page describes the basic terms and acronyms used across Document.One documentation.

Document.One specific terms

Conversion ServiceA service that provides converting functionality for content managed via D1. It is mostly used for converting uploaded content to PDFs.
Document.OneA document management system that enables you to store, manage, and track electronic content, such as documents and images of scanned paper documents.
D1The short name for Document.One.
D1 AdministratorD1 web interface for managing repositories, users, access permissions, policies, and system settings.
D1 ExplorerD1 web interface for managing content in repositories.
Web ReaderD1 web interface for working with contents and folders.

Domain specific terms

CMSContent Management System
DMSDocument Management System
CMISContent Management Interoperability Services
ContentRepresents a file, multiple files, or multiple folders (with other files and folders inside them) added to a DMS in the result of a single upload operation.